Are you ready to put YOU at the centre of your LIFE?

Hi, my name is Claire-Louise and however you have found yourself here... WELCOME!

I'm a life strategist, success searcher, emotional thinker, fun seeker, small dreams disruptor, coffee drinking Mum of 3 humans.

I want to help YOU reconnect with your POWER, PASSION and PURPOSE to overcome those roadblocks that are holding you back from living your BEST LIFE! It's time! It's YOUR time!


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The Membership pathway is a unique core training that sets you up to win and grow!

With two Group Coaching calls and two Group Mentoring calls each month, you are always only a few days away from accessing a unique environment for growth.

You also have 24/7 access to the hub, which contains all the additional workshops, interviews and training you need to live your best life. Including our personalised assessment tool 'The Wheel of Empowered Life'.

"I can’t recommend Claire enough. She has been instrumental in my personal development and enabled me to break through some pretty tough barriers, barriers I didn’t even know existed. She created a safe environment with hand holding and support, giving me the confidence to make changes. Claire is an expert in her field and was a shining light through the whole journey. I could never of imagined being the person I am today, knowing I have created lifelong pathways and am armed with the tools to deal with any situation, I feel excited for the future."

Senior Exec at an online business

The Daily Victress Podcast

The Daily Victress hosted by me, is a daily show to inject a little inspiration, motivation and most definitely information. Make The Daily Victress part of your morning routine and get your day off to an outstanding start.


Do you currently suffer with low confidence, or low self-esteem?
Do you procrastinate?
Or self-sabotage plans or relationships?

Have you come out of a relationship and feel completely lost?


Are you wanting to overcome a challenge or problem, or perhaps you are looking to increase performance in business or your personal life. 

Perhaps you are like many other women I have worked with and you really want to set up your own business, you want to build something that belongs to you and work on your dream, not someone else's. Yet you do not have the confidence to get going! I can help you change all that!

I use NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with clients to help with challenges large and small in so many different areas of life. Changing behaviours step by step to help you succeed, enabling you to choose your mental, emotional and physical state at any time! Now doesn't that sound great? 

This journey can also help you to communicate more effectively with anyone you meet and will totally pull a number on the self-talk girl gang who are at the ready to talk you out of your dreams!

Give yourself the gift of being able to access powerful internal resources to let you get the results you want and get yourself ready to live the life you want!

It really is an inside job! And like anything in life, you truly get out of this what you are committed to putting in. Come and join us and let's get to work!


How I can help you?

Learning to love yourself for who you are is my speciality .... in case you have not heard this today.. You are enough! You can have what you want in life ... success, love, wealth, connection; we work to identify what is holding you back and reverse engineer it! Whatever it is that is blocking you from moving forward, I have the solution for you!

Learn your way

Online learning that speaks to you.

Specifically designed courses to help you overcome adversity.

Reignite your happy and press RESET on life!

Work at your own pace, anytime that suits you!

New courses coming soon!


Monthly goodness

The Victress Society is a unique female wellbeing, personal development and self-coaching experience.

For a subscription, you get access to a  library of resources; video training, worksheets, group coaching, hot seats and much more!

And updated with new resources each month!


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Become part of a global community of like-minded women, who are on the same path as you.

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The Daily Victress.


"Claire-Louise put me at ease straight away, she listened and helped me understand, learn and put into practice, techniques to overcome and conquer my struggles. and it's improved my life immensely. As a result, I am more confident and happier as living life on my terms. Best of all I have a 'tool kit' I can access anytime on how to handle obstacles as they arise. "

Horse Riding Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this sound like you?

I want more from life. I know there are changes I could make to create massive growth, and I am ready to take action.

Yes, then you are in the right place! The Victress Society is full of goodness to help you overcome your challenges and go from surviving to thriving! 

Each month we delve into a different topic, one that will bring you closer to your personal, spiritual and soulful development goals. By assessing yourself monthly you will know precisely what to work on. Attend a Live Masterclass and Group Coaching session. A variety of interactive tools will be available to equip you on your journey.

The Victress Society essentially gives you the tools to overcome the challenges life can throw at you.

I also focus on behaviours and how they serve you. For example, do you find yourself procrastinating when there is something difficult to do?

Or do your self-sabotage relationships, or projects and have no idea why?

Do you need to build your confidence or perhaps low self-esteem is something you suffer from?

Know that, if the answer is YES to any of the above... You are in the right place!

The investment can be made either monthly or on an annual basis, so which every option suits you best!

Monthly: £97, paid on the date you join and every month thereafter.

Annual: £970, invest for the year and you get 2 months free.

Yes you can.

Due to the nature of the digital product with immediate access, refunds are not available.

If you have a monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time during the month and you will have access until the end of that month. No further payments will be due.

If you have an annual membership, simply let us know you wish to cancel before your annual renewal and no further payment will be due.

You will be sent an invitation to enable you to register for each event.  There will also be details of the LIVE events the month before to enable you to plan.

These are held on Zoom and your meeting ID will be sent to you via email.

No problem at all!

The beauty of The Victress Society, is it is there when YOU need it. All Masterclasses are recorded sessions and the LIVE Group Coaching will always be posted within 24 hours. Enabling you to plug in and grow at a time that suits your busy schedule.

Great question! And when you're looking to make changes in your world, you want to make sure you are investing your time with the right people. 

Watch the video, just above these FAQ's and find out a little more about me. I am really just the same as you! A woman who needed to make changes! But seriously don't take my word for it, hit the testimonials page and find out what other women have said about me and my work. 


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